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Hemostatic Powder


“ The ?exible surgery assistant ”

For fast & proven hemostasis for those hard to reach areas and from oozing spongy bone.?

Surgispon??Putty can be easily formed into any shape, according to surgical site.?


Natural & safe?

Use dry or mix into paste

Easy to apply to irregular structures

Made from 100% pharmaceutical gelatin

pH-neutral character – can be combined with drugs

Stops bleeding effectively

Easy handling

Fast, complete resorption

High patient comfort – can be left in situ

Indicated for general use for capillary and venous and arteriolar bleeding

No risk of encapsulation

Totally bio-degraded in less than 4 weeks

Surgispon??meets the highest standards. CE 0434, ISO 13485 & GMP certi?ed?

Surgispon?, a worldwide proven hemostatic material, offered by Aegis Lifesciences.

Being exported into more than 40 countries.

Surgispon??absorbable hemostatic sponges and powder are made of pharmaceutical gelatin. It is also used as effective drug carrier.

Surgispon??powder can be applied dry in powder form, or as a paste mixed with saline solution. Different consistencies and grades of viscosity can be achieved by varying the powder-to-?uid ratio for optimum use on irregular structures such as bone, and for ?lling any cavity or ?ssure as required.?

Surgeons and operating room staff bene?t from the product’s supreme ?exibility, adaptability and easy handling. Surgispon??Putty can be applied by hand or with a standard syringe to areas that are hard to reach. It is adhesive, especially when applied in sternotomy and craniotomy procedures, it is not known to cause bone dehiscence unlike conventional bone waxes.?


Flexibility – different consistencies and grades of viscosity can be achieved by varying the “powder/?uid ratio”

Does not cause bone dehiscence like conventional bone waxes Ideal for use on irregular structures such as bone and for ?lling any hard to reach areas like cavities or ?ssures

Suitable for neurosurgery

It could be left in situ without increased risk of bone infection or non- union of the sternum.

Absorbs completely, leaving no reside or encapsulation.

After mixing to desired dilution,Surgispon??Putty can be fashion into many shapes as a putty or instilled into those hard to get to crevices or sinuses. Putty con?guration maximises adherence and stops venous and spongy bone oozing.

Absorbs by platelet adhesion through surface contact, provides the fastest, < 2 minutes, hemostasis, in comparison to other materials.

Used dry or soaked with physiological solutionell adhering ability to the bleeding site

Absorbs completely within 4 weeks, 2-5 days in mucous membrane.?


In sternotomy and craniotomy procedures- irregular structures such as bone and for ?lling any hard to reach areas like cavities or ?ssures to control venous and arteriolar bleeding


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