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STERIS is a global leader in infection prevention, decontamination, endoscope processing, surgical products and services with a mission to help our customers create a healthier and safer world by providing innovative healthcare and life science product and service solutions around the globe. STERIS offers this essential patient protection through a unique mix of innovative capital equipment products such as washer-disinfectors, low and high temperature sterilizers and accessories, surgical tables, pendants and lights, instrument cleaning chemistries and sterility assurance products. Total Service provision is also a key part of our offering, from project planning, installation, maintenance, technical support to education and training.

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Distal Duck Kit

AMSCO 600 Steam Sterilizer

SI SA 'S' Sonic Irrigator

Reliance? PTX Endoscope Processing System

AMSCO? 7000HP Series Washer-Disinfectors

Prolystica? High Performance (HP) Cleaning Chemistries

Celerity? 20 HP Incubator

V-PRO? s2 Low Temperature Sterilizer

V-PRO? maX Low Temperature Sterilizer

V-PRO? maX 2 Low Temperature Sterilizer

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