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SAM Medical

12200 SW Tualatin Rd., Suite 200, Tualatin
Tualatin, OR 97062
United States

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At the heart of every great company, you’ll find an idea that spawned a product, a product that fostered a culture, and a culture that created a brand – a brand that stands uniquely alone in a crowded marketplace. SAM Medical is no exception.

What began as a spark of innovation when founder Dr. Sam Scheinberg found a medical breakthrough in a simple gum wrapper is now a globally recognized emergency medical solutions?brand. From militaries to law enforcement agents, EMS and first responders to fire and rescue squads, to hospital staff all over the world, if you're in the hurt business, you know and trust SAM Medical.

To serve the diverse customers and fuel our founder’s passion for innovation, SAM has built a world-class organization. Based just outside of Portland, OR, a bioscience and technology hub, our Tualatin facilities provide access to best-in-class talent and resources.?

We’ve aligned and integrated our corporate offices, research and development lab, manufacturing facilities and warehouses to increase the pace of innovation and put our solutions in the hands of our customers as quickly as possible.

In just 30 years, we’ve managed to place our name alongside the most respected, award-winning medical giants. Yet, we’ve always maintained the spirit of innovation celebrated in vertically-integrated, agile startup organizations.

Exhibited At: 
SAM XT Extremity  Tourniquet

SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet


SAM? Splint

SAM Bleeding Control Kit

SAM Bleeding Control Kit


ChitoSAM? 100

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