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Medic Clean Air

Division of Walsberghe nv
Bredestraat 13
2000 Antwerp
32-3 283 04 00
  • MedicCleanAir? technology instantly reduces the infection rates in your hospital , any shortage in isolation rooms can be solved within ? day work.
  • MedicCleanAir? specializes in air purification (clinically proven efficiency on air quality for high care areas), in negative/positive pressure rooms (with JCI Accreditation), and now can provide you with a device that cools/heats, purifies and creates postive pressure:? the solution to upgrade air quality in operating theatres.
  • 20 years of clinically proven track record with highly ranked University hospitals and with governmental specialists in infection control and epidemiology.?
  • 15 highly cited publications on the effectiveness of MedicCleanAir? technology from Belgium, Germany, UK, France, Italy, India, ..

Main reference?: N° 1 supplier to the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with over 300 hospitals using the MedicCleanAir devices.

Exhibited At: 
ISO520 to create negative or positive pressure / isolation rooms

MedicCleanAir - Isolation Unit ISO520

COMBI 1.1. in OR nr 14 at University Hospital Brussels

COMBI 1.1: cooling / heating, air purification with HEPA14 filters and positive pressure created by 1 device!

MedicCleanAir - Remote Control RC200

MedicCleanAir - Remote Control RC200

MedicCleanAir - Air Purification Unit - PRO 110

MedicCleanAir - Air Purification Unit - PRO 110

MedicCleanAir - Isolation Unit - ISO 100 Series

MedicCleanAir - Isolation Unit ISO 120

MedicCleanAir - Isolation Unit - ISO 200 Series

MedicCleanAir - Isolation Unit - ISO 210

MedicCleanAir - Remote Control RC100

MedicCleanAir - Remote Control RC100

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