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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Solutions

MODU-FLEX 1 section modular transport trolley with roller shutter

MODU-FLEX modular Carts & Trolleys with Roller Shutter

IRIS i-CAB: Intelligent RFID cabinet with real-time stock management & traceability

MODU-FLEX modular cart/trolley with telescopic drawers and working top

MODU-FLEX modular carts & trolleys with telescopic drawers

IRIS i-ROOM: Real-time stock management with RFID technology

Francehopital MOSYS-ISO utility cart

MOSYS-ISO Utility Cart

MOSYS-ISO modular shelving system

MOSYS-ISO shelving system



LOGISTICS | Impact HealthCare Limited


Services – Arbor Holdings LLC

Supply Chain

Project Logistics

Project Logistics

Reefer Logistics

Reefer Logistics

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